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Stories of Impact


NFI's mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

NFI trains dads to be better dads in community-based, corrections, military, and state and local government agency fatherhood programs.

24/7 Dad® Program

NFI's flagship program 24/7 Dad® has been used across the nation for decades to help fatherhood leaders train dads with the skill-building resources they need to be better fathers and husbands/partners. Below are a few of the stories of impact from these programs. They are simply a sampling of the stories we hear about that are happening daily across the country:  

1) Testimonial from 24/7 Dad Participant Dave Norgart (Iowa): This do-it-yourself testimonial produced by a 24/7 Dad program participant shows how the program moved this father from the depths of despair to an involved, responsible, committed father. 

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2) Mental Health America's Father2Child Program (San Diego, CA) featured on The Father Factor Blog in a post titled, San Diego is Getting Fatherhood, you can learn more about the great work this program is doing to help dads in San Diego.


3) Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's P.O.P.S. Program (Fresno, CA):
See how Fresno EOC is training dads to be better dads and community leaders.    

4) New Opportunities Fatherhood Initiative (Waterbury, CT): Watch several stories in one video revealing what Waterbury, CT is doing to teach dads how to relate to their child's mom and their children.  


5) Des Moines Y (YMCA) Fatherhood Initiative (Des Moines, IA): In Iowa, there are over 64,000 households with children age 18 that have no father present. Watch how this group in Des Moines, IA is helping men improve their relationship with their children.  


6) Center for Fathers and Families (Sacramento, CA)This video shows how an organization dedicated to fatherhood has combined the 24/7 Dad program with other services that serve the entire family and community.


InsideOut Dad® Program

NFI's program for corrections, InsideOut Dad®, is the largest, most comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum designed specifically for fathers that connects them to their families while inside prison or upon release. Watch these inspirational stories of impact and consider how you can tell your story.

1) Purgatory Correctional Facility (Hurricane, UT): Every Tuesday inside Purgatory Correctional Facility a special class titled “Inside Out Dad” takes place. In this video, learn how the program is working by hearing directly from the dads whose lives are being changed.



2) Connection: Troy and Xavier Story: Watch Troy's story for an example of how badly a child needs a good example of a father in his life. 


3) Family Support Services of North Florida/Department of Corrections, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (Jacksonville, FL)Rickie Shaw, a Community Outreach Development Specialist with Family Support Services, teaches the mid-week session of the "InsideOut Dad" program at the Montgomery Correctional Center in Jacksonville, Florida. 


4) Washington State Department of Corrections/Washington State PenitentiaryInsideOut Dad® is the program offered at male prisons in Washington state. The volunteer-led program aims to help incarcerated fathers connect with their children and play meaningful, positive roles in their lives. This video looks at the program at the Washington State Penitentiary.


5) Maine Department of Corrections/Maine Correctional Center (Windham, ME): What's is look like to parent from prison? This video reveals the real issues facing fathers in prison and what can be done to help. 


6) Testimonials from participants in First Things First/Richmond City Jail (Richmond, VA): In this video, see how InsideOut Dad® is helping teach men to be better husbands and dads and connect to their families. 


7) Mobile County Health Department/Mobile County Metro Jail (Mobile, AL): Watch this video and see Christopher Sasser, one of several inmates taking part in Mobile County Health Department's Fatherhood Initiative Program. It's the first time this program has come to Metro Jail. 


8) Father-Daughter Dance for InsideOut Dad® Graduates in Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility (Indianapolis, IN): Watch the video and see how this group is using InsideOut Dad® to connect fathers to familes. Also, see how this Indianapolis Re-Entry Facility Gives 42 Families More Than Just a Dance after they graduate from NFI's InsideOut Dad® Program.


Fatherhood Initiatives / Community Mobilization

States and communities across the country have used NFI's Community Mobilization Approach™ (CMA) to mobilize entire cities and counties to promote responsible fatherhood. These videos show examples of the impact of NFI's CMA..

1) Ohio Department of Job and Family Services/ Ohio Commission on Fatherhood’s County Initiatives: In this video, the Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative offers training and guidance to help local organizations design programs to engage fathers and promote responsible parenting.


2) Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative (Milwaukee, WI): This video features a citywide initiative NFI helped launch and for which NFI continues to provide support (e.g. programs and other skill-building resources).

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