Collaborate with NFI

Change the status quo.
Partner with us to create organizational, community,
and cultural change around father inclusion.

{ Why Collaborate with NFI? }

Imagine starting or advancing a father-inclusive effort within your organization, community, or state and doing so with the confidence and excitement that you have a partner with 30 years of experience supporting you.

NFI will reduce uncertainty around father inclusion by helping you create a unique,
customized plan that can include measuring the impact of that father-inclusive effort.

And that’s not all! We will help you obtain the buy-in of stakeholders that’s critical to starting and maintaining that effort.

Bring Together Networks & Stakeholders

Use Proven Processes for Father Inclusion

Develop a Unique, Customized Father Inclusive Plan

Position Your Effort for Future Fatherhood Funding

3 Ways to Collaborate with NFI

The Father Engagement Experience™


An in-person strategic planning session
using storyboards and Pure Form Thinking to design father-inclusive strategies resulting in a customized Father Engagement Game Plan™.

The Father-Readiness Network Assessment™


A comprehensive assessment
that measures your network's level of father inclusion, resulting in a report with data analysis and recommendations for including fathers more effectively.

The Community Mobilization Approach™


A proven, 3-phase approach
that results in a customized action plan for mobilizing a sector or an entire community around father inclusion.

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Erik Vecere
Chief Partner Success Officer
National Fatherhood Initiative®