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The Community Mobilization Worskop™

Create lasting change in your community:  
mobilize your community
around responsible fatherhood.


Why is community mobilization around responsible fatherhood needed?

To promote involved, responsible, and committed fatherhood, communities must do more than expand programs and services to include fathers and create new programs and services for dads, they must also change the cultural institutions that form the different sectors of society (e.g. health, business, education, social services, etc.).

This is no small undertaking. "It takes a village," as they say.

That's where NFI's Community Mobilization Workshop™ comes in. NFI staff will equip you and your team (virtually or in person) to implement its proven 3-phase Community Mobilization Approach (CMA). This approach has already been used by numerous organizations and communities to implement lasting change around father engagement!

Who is ideal to mobilize their community (and take this workshop)?

State agencies, local government entities, larger social service organizations, or established collaboratives looking to mobilize their counties or cities around responsible fatherhood.


Workshop Overview:

  • Why mobilize around responsible fatherhood and why community leaders make a difference.
  • How to make change happen at the community level.
  • Specific mobilization tools and how to fund your initiative.
  • How to conduct a needs and assets assessment process in a community.
  • How to help a community plan for a Leadership Summit on Fatherhood.
  • How to assist a community to implement a Community Action Plan on Fatherhood.

What Does It Result In?

A multi-sectoral action plan at the city or county level to promote responsible fatherhood using NFI's proven 3-phase Community Mobilization Approach™.

For example, in 2021 NFI partnered with the Georgia Department of Public Health (GA DPH), Maternal and Child Health to support the work of its Strong Fathers, Strong Families Georgia Coalition. Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center (MSM PRC) was selected to serve as the lead agency for the CMA process. MSM PRC guided its community partners through the 3 phases of NFI's CMA, which culminated in the creation of a sustainability/funding plan.

View the amazing result of GA DPH's CMA effort here.




Your Investment

Virtual workshop: $6999 (5 hours)
In-person workshop: $7999 (8 hours)

Contact us to request a quote! 

Contact: Erik Vecere, Chief Program Officer
Phone: 240-912-1278