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Making a Lasting Difference in Responsible Fatherhood

How We Measure Impact

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Responsible Fatherhood Program

Capacity Building


Our work on the National Responsible Fatherhood Capacity- Building Initiative was shown to increase organizations' capacity to serve fathers by more than 20%.

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Responsible Fatherhood and Being a Great Dad

Evidence-Based Programs


Our fatherhood programs are researched and evaluated, and are the most widely used
by family service organizations and agencies across the nation. 

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Tips For Being a Good Dad

Evaluation Tools


Our fatherhood programs 
contain evaluation tools
to track fathers’ improvements
in fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

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Program Reach


24/7 Dad®: 
488 organizations in 49 states and D.C.
InsideOut Dad®
377 facilities in 47 states and D.C.
Fathering in 15™: 
139 organizations in 40 states and D.C.

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Responsible Fatherhood Program

Tracking Resources + Training


8,870,264 Skill-Bulding Resources Distributed
32,345 Individuals Trained from 
6,794 Community Organizations
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 Free Resources Downloaded
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Responsible Fatherhood and Fathering Tips



No one can deny testimonials,
and we’ve got them in droves.
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to learn more about
changed lives.

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