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Mission and Values


Creating a World in Which Every Child has a 24/7 Dad®

National Fatherhood Initiative’s (NFI) mission is to transform organizations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their children's lives.

Our vision is that every child grows up with an involved, responsible, and committed father.

Sounds like an easy job, right? After all, doesn’t everyone want fathers to be great role models? Sure. But how does that actually happen?

When you pause to think about it, training for dads on how to be a good father is not really at the forefront of enough of our nation's community service organizations and family support agencies. That's why we're here, working with organizations across the nation to change that.

NFI is what you could call "a second question organization in a first question world". Most people who want to help children ask the “first question”: What can I do to help that child in need? That’s an important question. But, if you really want to make a positive, long-term difference in the life of a child, you need to ask the “second question”: How did the child get there in the first place? Why does he need my help?

More often than not, you will find that the child does not have the love, nurture, and guidance of an involved, responsible, and committed father. Children from father-absent homes are two to five times more likely to use drugs, live in poverty, fail in school, and suffer from a host of other risks.

No other single factor hurts children more than father absence. Therefore, NFI is committed to addressing the second question by connecting fathers to their children heart to heart.

In our first question world most people are focused on intervention, which is good and noble and must happen. But NFI is also committed to prevention. We seek to create a world in which fewer and fewer children need our help because they have great dads who have been given the skills and encouragement they need, via NFI’s efforts, to be the kinds of dads their children need them to be.