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15 Organizations Tell Us in 15 Words or Less: Why Do You Like Fathering in 15™?

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Feb 7, 2019


We’ve been talking about Fathering in 15™ for a while now, our newest online fatherhood resource released in 2018—and we might not stop talking about it! That’s because our biggest announcement of 2019 is that we just released Fathering in 15™ in Spanish.

That’s right! All of the text, videos, and printable handouts have been translated into Spanish and are available via a separate subscription to the Spanish Translation of Fathering in 15™.

This is exciting because when we released Fathering in 15™ in English, we heard from some organizations who needed a Spanish counterpart for the English version. We also heard from some organizations who were unable to acquire the English subscription unless they were able to subscribe to a Spanish version as well.

Problem solved!

Of course, a few other reasons we keep talking about Fathering in 15™ are because it’s flexible, accessible, and easy to use by a multitude of organizations. It also resonates with all types of dads. (If you’re still not sure, refer to the awesome word map I created for this blog post to see more words that practitioners use to describe it!)

So, in an effort to help more fatherhood practitioners understand why Fathering in 15™ helps so many organizations work with dads, I asked our more than 100 subscribers this simple question:

Why do you/your organization like using Fathering in 15™ – and tell me in 15 words or less.

Here are 15 of the responses I received! 

johnson-city-pin Love that it's self-paced and can supplement 24/7 Dad®, or other group workshop.

—Dan Lesch, Family Enrichment Network, Inc.
Family Enrichment Network, Inc.
Johnson City, NY

highland-pin The information is brief, easy to understand and with great tips for Dads.”

—Ryan Berryman, Executive Director
San Bernardino Fatherhood
Highland, CA

fresno-pin “Allows PCC to expand its educational reach to those men who cannot attend on-site classes.”

—Daniel Sheehan, Men's Ministry Coordinator
Pregnancy Care Center
Fresno, CA

cincinnati-pin “Provides brief, important topics, online.”

—Melissa Guzman, Director of Client Services
Life Forward, Pregnancy Care
Cincinnati, OH

arlington-pin “It provides an alternative method to build strong healthy families for student success.

—Eric Phillips, Family Engagement Specialist
Arlington Independent School District
Arlington, TX

bozeman-pin “It provides an easy way for young fathers to learn about fathering apart from mentoring.

Mike Wheeler, Father's Initiative Director
Bozeman, MT

pittsburgh-pin “It provides a way to relay important lessons to fathers in need, but on the go.

—Peter Jenkins, Fatherhood Engagement Specialist
Providence Connections, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

springfield-pin “An added tool to enhance our current fatherhood programs with easy on-line accessibility.

—Bruce Stapleton, Board Chair
Urban Light Ministries
Springfield, OH

kennewick-pin Great supplement for 24/7 Dad®. Easy one-on-one conversations. Made for dads. Great material.

Brandon Gregory, Fatherhood Coordinator
You Medical
Kennewick, WA

peoria-pin Enables a guided fatherhood conversation to take place in many settings!

Teri Williams, Center Coordinator / Parenting Educator
Empower Life Center
Peoria, IL

atlanta-pin “Fathering in 15™ is a great tool for dads who cannot make to your workshops.

Tyrone Hunter, Fatherhood Program Coordinator
The Women’s Clinic
Atlanta and Tucker, GA

morgantown-pin “It is a convenient way for fathers to obtain a wealth of information!

Jodi McQuillan, Community Coordinator
WV Healthy Start/HAPI Project
Morgantown, WV

loveland-pin Simple, easy to use curriculum for dads who enter our center.

Lloyd Nichols, Interim Director
Birthline of Loveland
Loveland, CO

tampa-pin “It appeals to men with busy schedules but desire to learn more about fathering.

Deborah Austin, Director of Community Engagement
(Supervises the Male Involvement Network Staff)
Tampa, FL

salem-pin “It’s a great way for fathers to learn at their own pace.

Tim Gregory, Executive Director
The Huddle
Salem, NJ

To learn more about Fathering in 15™, view our demo video and our pre-recorded webinar.

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