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5 Father Engagement Academy™ Courses to Help You & Your Staff Excel in 2023

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Dec 22, 2022


A new year is around the corner. What better time than now to equip your staff to intentionally engage fathers in 2023 with easy-to-access on-demand training from the comfort of their home or office!

Here are the top 5 courses in NFI's Father Engagement Academy™ and why you should have your staff take them.

Academy Course #1: The Father Engagement Certificate™, $249 per person
Delivered by National Fatherhood Initiative® President Christopher Brown, the on-demand Father Engagement Certificate™ training provides individuals with affordable, convenient, on-demand training around five core competencies for effective father engagement. Topics covered:

  • Foundational: How to Create a Father-Friendly Organization.
  • Program Design: 7 Best Practices in Designing a Fatherhood Program.
  • Recruitment & Retention: How to Think Like a Marketer When Marketing a Fatherhood Program.
  • Involving Moms: How to Work with Moms to Encourage Father Involvement.
  • Fundraising: How to Develop a Funding Plan for a Fatherhood Program.

Why take it?
Add credibility to your work with organizations and in your community, with funders and on grant proposals, and generally help you excel in your work with fathers and families. Learn strategies and techniques not previously released to the public developed during NFI's 5-year federally-funded National Responsible Fatherhood Capacity Building Initiative attended by nearly 125 fatherhood and family service organizations. 

Academy Course #2: The Recruitment & Retention Certificate™, $249 per person
Delivered by NFI President Christopher Brown, the Recruitment and Retention Certificate™ training helps you develop a customized recruitment and retention plan to help your organization (or any other) recruit and retain fathers.

Why take it?
Recruiting dads and then keeping them in your program can be challenging. This course uses cutting-edge, research-based concepts from the behavioral sciences that can help you identify breakthrough recruitment and retention tactics. Get access to a new, exclusive online tool to create a recruitment and retention plan.

Academy Course #3: The Effective Facilitation Certificate™, $249 per person
Delivered by NFI President Christopher Brown, the on-demand Effective Facilitation Certificate™ training from National Fatherhood Initiative® teaches the characteristics and skills required of an excellent fatherhood program facilitator. It focuses on adult learning styles that affect how your participants learn and engage and how to properly prepare to facilitate each and every session you lead effectively.

Why take it?
Not everyone has the skill to facilitate a group discussion, but it can be learned. An effective facilitator is one of the most critical components of a successful fatherhood program. To be an effective agent for change, a fatherhood program must be implemented by quality facilitators.

Academy Course #4: The Father-Friendly Organization Workshop™, $199 per person
Delivered by National Fatherhood Initiative® Chief Program Officer Erik Vecere, the on-demand Father-Friendly Organization Workshop™ provides individuals with affordable, convenient, on-demand training on creating a father-friendly organization in any setting. It is ideal for staff who are beginning to engage fathers and those who are seasoned in father engagement.

Why take it:
Sometimes there are organizational frameworks that prevent staff from being able to engage fathers effectively. This course helps you examine your organization's father-friendliness in 4 categories with our Father Friendly Checkup. Then, based on the results, you will create a father-friendly action plan to engage fathers better in your programs and services. It's a win-win!

Academy Course #5: FREE Fathering in 15 Jumpstart™
Delivered by National Fatherhood Initiative® Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Steward, this Jumpstart training will help you learn about NFI's Fathering in 15™ online resource for dads, how other organizations use it, and how you can use it to serve fathers in your program. Whether you're a current subscriber or thinking about subscribing, this course will get you up to speed and ready to make the most of this affordable and flexible resource.

Why take it?
It's FREE! Also, because you need to learn about this unique, flexible resource to determine if it's a worthwhile subscription for your organization to use with dads. 

Well, there are the 5 top courses in The Father Engagement Academy™. There are several others, too, so take a look! We hope you will invest in training for your staff to continue to engage fathers in 2023!

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