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Our 300th Post!

Posted by Vincent DiCaro

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Sep 7, 2011
300 posts ago, if you had told me we would one day reach 300 posts on this blog, I would have called you crazy. "We are way too lazy to write that many blog posts," I would have said. Well, I have been proven wrong, and here we are at 300 blog posts.

So, in keeping with the theme of laziness, I will not write anything original, but instead, direct you to the 5 most read blog posts in the history of this blog. They must be the most read for a reason - I assume they are pretty interesting or maybe controversial (or at least search engine friendly). So, in celebration of our 300th post, enjoy these 5 blasts from the past:
  1. The Toy Story Dad…What's His Story?
  2. Fathers, be good to your daughters
  3. Taking the Child Out of Child Support
  4. Fit to Retire
  5. The Father Factor in the Tucson Shooting

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