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Posted by Vincent DiCaro

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Jun 29, 2011
If you follow this blog at all, you probably have the impression that NFI gives out awards, talks about how important fatherhood is, and comments on popular culture a lot.

While we do all of those things, and they are an important part of our mission, the thing that really drives us is not often mentioned on this blog. That “thing” is the fact that we are, by far, the “#1 provider of fatherhood resources in the country.”

What does that mean? First, “fatherhood resources” are skill-building materials we have developed over the last 17 years to help dads become the best dads they can be. These are curricula that are taught in classroom settings, brochures, CD-ROMs, and other materials filled with information to help dads become more effective in raising their kids.

Second, what we mean by “provider” is that we work day in and day out to build the capacity of community-based organizations all over the country to help them do a better job of serving fathers. We build their capacity primarily by providing them with our resources, and training them on how to deliver our programs.

By “#1” we mean that we have trained over 7,600 practitioners from over 3,500 organizations since 2002. We have distributed nearly 5.8 million fatherhood resources since 2004. No other provider of fatherhood resources even comes close.

In other words, the primary impact that National Fatherhood Initiative has is that we make it possible for hundreds of thousands of fathers to receive the support they need in their communities by equipping their local organizations with the world’s best fatherhood skill-building materials.

So, in a way, that is what we REALLY do here at NFI.

If you have any questions about why and how we do this, let us know!

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