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Vote to Support the Courage of Military Dads

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Apr 28, 2011
Recently, I wrote a blog post called “What Can Happen When Too Many Dads Choose Comfort Rather Than Courage” about my visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. While at the museum, I noticed a poster for the movie, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” It was a good reminder for me because I really wanted to see this movie. So last week, I did.

No spoiler alert here, but this movie had some very compelling fatherhood messages and themes. It was told through eyes of an 8-year-old German boy who lived near a Nazi concentration camp. His father was a commandant responsible for executing Hitler’s “final solution.” This movie was extremely effective in portraying how desperately little boys need to see their fathers as honorable and courageous. Unfortunately, this boy’s military father had linked his courage to a dishonorable cause and the results were tragic for millions of people, including his son.

I found it ironic that I happened to be watching this film at the time that NFI was launching a new Facebook initiative to enable the nation to select the 2011 NFI Military Fatherhood Award™ recipient. I hope that you will click here to cast your vote for one of the three courageous military dads who are honorably serving their children’s needs and our nation.

Indeed, we often do the least for those who do the most for us. Here’s a chance to set things right by voting. You can do so daily between now and May 13. Please feel free to spread the word by sharing this link - Vote for the 2011 Military Fatherhood Award - via Facebook, your blog, email, and Twitter. Thanks in advance for your help.

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