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What's in the bag for Dad?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin

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Mar 11, 2011

My husband and I found out a few months ago we were expecting our first baby. My husband is fortunate to have a flexible schedule and was eager to join me for my first prenatal appointment.

During that appointment, my husband, eager to learn everything he could, sat by my side opposite the doctor. He listened intently to everything she said and even had his own set of questions. As the appointment concluded, the doctor handed me a series of informational sheets about prenatal testing and a large bag of materials. With the loot in tow, we headed home and laid out the contents of the bag trying to learn even more. Here is what was inside…

For the Mom: Congratulations on your pregnancy packet, business cards for the practice, Baby magazine, 'As Your Baby Grows' booklet, 'Strong Moms Pregnancy Planner'

For Dad:

That’s right - there was absolutely nothing geared for dads. Sure, my husband can look over the pregnancy planner and the ads for maternity wear and formula, but there was nothing specifically for him. I am sure there are other moms and dads out there that can relate.

Research shows that dads feel inadequately prepared for fatherhood. There is lots of talk about why dads need to be more involved- yet we gear everything in the first years of life towards supporting the mother.

This is exactly why NFI’s work is so important. If you are an expectant dad or are an expectant mom looking to give a soon-to-be dad the support he needs, make sure to head over to our “For Fathers” section of our website, or check out our resources at FatherSource.

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