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Where do you go with parenting questions?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin

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May 28, 2010
The Motherlode blog at the New York Times had an interesting post today about how parents might actually not so know as much as we think about their child's development. Regardless, it brings up an interesting question - where do you go for parenting info?

The comments were almost as informative as the blog post itself, especially in revealing the gap between how moms and dads find information. One dad wrote:

"Back in the day, the dads at Y-Indian Guides would ask for my Dad's opinion -- mostly a function of being prematurely gray and having had two kids ahead of me -- so I'm not sure that the model has changed all that much. A fair amount of the standing around on game sidelines includes quick queries and short answers. I'm not going to read a book or a magazine article."

So the question for you dads - is that true? Are books and magazines out? Do you surf the net, or just ask other dads when you have a fathering conundrum? Or just try to figure it out as you go?

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