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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon = ?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin

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Oct 2, 2009
Oh my. Where do we even start with this one?

How about with TLC, which, by the way, stands for The Learning Channel.

So what exactly what are we learning from the Jon and Kate saga? More importantly, what are the eight Gosselin children learing?

This week, Jon was cut from the show and now he is refusing to let film crews on to the property that he and Kate still share.

Well, I suppose TLC has reminded us of the time-tested truth that selfish pursuits like fame and money - pursuits that tempt all of us - can easily tear our families apart. If there is anything we can learn about the Jon and Kate saga, it's to reassess our priorities. Hopefully Jon and Kate will have the opportunity to do just that now that the cameras are off, and, while the Gosselin kids may have to give up exciting trips and photo-ops, they'll have the dad and mom they need.

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