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[Father’s Day Special] The Docs2Dads Podcast featuring NFI President Christopher A. Brown: Becoming a 24:7 Dad

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Jun 16, 2023



National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) President Christopher A. Brown recently joined Dr. Scott Grant on his Docs2Dads podcast to discuss everything fatherhood! We've included what is covered in the podcast below, or head on over to listen now!

During the 38-minute podcast, Dr. Grant and Chris start their conversation by discussing NFI's mission and what being a 24:7 Dad means to Chris, both as a dad and as President of NFI.

They also talk about how fatherhood has evolved in the minds of the Millennial and Gen Z generations and how and why dads are getting more involved in family life and supporting their wives' and partners' careers outside the home. Then they shift gears to talk about how NFI works with community programs nationwide to address father engagement.

In addition to discussing the work of NFI and how Chris became involved with NFI, they discuss the importance of:

  • The role self-efficacy plays in motivating fathers to be the best fathers possible and how NFI helps build that self-efficacy
  • Building the man first and the father and partner second
  • Five cross-cultural traits of good fathers
  • Dads mentoring struggling dads and children with uninvolved fathers in creating strong communities
Chris and Dr. Grant also explore:
  • The evolution of the desire in fathers to be good fathers and the surprising area from which the research on that evolution is coming from
  • The evolution of the desire in organizations to intentionally and proactively engage fathers
  • Organizations increasing their proactive efforts to engage fathers so their programs and services become truly whole-family or family-centered
  • How creating staff (personal) and organizational core values helps organizations engage fathers successfully
  • What needs to happen to create a human service culture and infrastructure that's truly father-inclusive

Resources referenced in the episode:

  • For more information about the NFI or to find a program in your community, head over to www.fatherhood.org
  • To reference the strategy slide (infographic) Chris discusses at the end of the episode, find the image here about halfway down the page or at Docs2Dads.com/episode80

Head over to Doc2Dad to listen to the episode now!


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