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Nov 15, 2022


Christopher (Chris) A. Brown, President of National Fatherhood Initiative®, recently appeared on the Dads with Daughters podcast.

Dads with Daughters strives to create a supportive online community that highlights promising practices for fathers to better understand themselves and their daughters while encouraging and helping fathers be active participants in their daughters' lives, raising them to be strong independent women.

In this podcast, Chris shares:

  • The immediate thought he had when he learned he'd become a dad for the first time.
  • The impact that growing up in a father-absent home had on his own fatherhood journey.
  • His biggest fear in raising daughters.
  • How he helped his daughters to become strong, independent women.
  • How he learned that the little things he said consistently to his daughters had the most impact on them.
  • How he built separate, unique connections with his daughters.
  • The role dads can play in helping their daughters find their own life journeys.
  • What led him to work at National Fatherhood Initiative®.
  • How his anthropological training has impacted NFI's work.
  • How NFI's business, capacity-building, and whole-family model helps dads.
  • What NFI looks for in partnering with local organizations that serve dads.

Click here to listen to the episode with Chris. We that hope you enjoy this episode!

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