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Eli Williams, Director of Fatherhood, Talks Fatherhood Kiosks

Posted by Kerry Cole

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Mar 15, 2013

The following incorporates a guest post by Eli Williams, Director of Fatherhood, Fatherhood Clark County, OH and Urban Light Ministries. If you would like to guest blog for us, email here.

At NFI, we often receive inquiries from organizations asking some of the following questions:

question mark  How can we increase our exposure in the community?


question mark How do we get our information and services into the public?


question mark How can we make our resources easily accessible?


Eli Williams, Director of Fatherhood, Fatherhood Clark County, OH and Urban Light Ministries is using NFI's Fatherhood Kiosks in creative ways, so we asked him to share how he is using them in his community:

Fatherhood Resource Center™

"To be effective, a local fatherhood initiative needs to get information about the resources available to fathers into the hands of those dads.

Here in Clark County, Ohio, new Fatherhood Resource Kiosks have been strategically placed around the community to do just that. We have stocked the kiosks with informative tip cards and brochures from National Fatherhood Initiative including: Ten Ways to Be a Better Dad, Ten Tips for New Dads, and Ten Tips to Help Your Child in School. The kiosks and full-color materials are expertly designed and make an excellent first impression.

They also allow us to easily provide information to fathers in the rest of the community. In those kiosks, we’ve also included tip cards and brochures featuring the fatherhood programs and services offered by Urban Light. The five free-standing Fatherhood Resource Kiosks were strategically placed throughout our county at WorkPlus one-stop job center, the county Child Support agency, Children Service agency, Rocking Horse Community Health Center, and Springfield High School. After an undetermined period of time, some of the kiosks may be moved to other locations to increase exposure and access.

Fatherhood Resource Center™

We continue to use the older style tabletop fatherhood kiosk from NFI, as it's being kept on display at Urban Light Fatherhood Resource Center in Springfield, OH. We are planning to also use this as a traveling unit for conferences, community events, and etc.

Fatherhood Clark County is grateful that NFI had the foresight to create these important tools for promoting responsible fatherhood, and healthy fathering practices."

Fatherhood Clark County oversees the county’s Action Plan to Promote Responsible Fatherhood, local Fatherhood Summits, and the annual celebration of fatherhood each Fathers Day weekend.

We hope that hearing from Eli gives your organization some ideas on how to make the most out of your Fatherhood Resource Kiosks™; they are an excellent way to engage the community and expand your efforts.

Learn more about the Kiosks by downloading the information sheet below!

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