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What If You Could Reduce the Uncertainty Around Father Inclusion?

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Oct 10, 2023



What if you could reduce the uncertainty of not knowing how to address father inclusion within your organization?

So that you can act on the intention to more effectively include dads in your organization’s programs and services. 

For example, National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) has helped diverse organizations become father inclusive by taking discrete actions based on their readiness to engage dads. They turned their intention to include dads into the actions of a father-inclusive organization.

And that's not all. We’ve created a tool that will help you identify exactly where your organization is on the journey to become father inclusive, the actions to move farther along in that journey, and the resources that will help you take those actions.

I’m excited to introduce you to The Stages of Father Inclusion, a free five-part video series that rests upon a framework of the stages human service organizations move through to successfully include dads. Each stage involves action steps that will help your organization embrace and, most importantly, learn about the actions and the resources to act upon the intention to be more father inclusive.

What are the stages?

Aware, Prepare, Launch, and Maintain and Grow. (Click here for an infographic of the stages.) Together, they comprise the father-inclusive journey.

The Stages of Father Inclusion stars yours truly. It starts with an introductory video in which I provide an overview of the series and, crucially, how to use it. That’s followed by a video for each of the four stages. We’ll take a deep dive into each stage, how to identify whether your organization is in that stage, and three actions that will help your organization become more father inclusive before moving on to the next stage. And you’ll learn about NFI resources to use in taking those actions.

I encourage you to watch this helpful video series. Even if your organization has been including dads in its programs and services, I guarantee you’ll learn something or, at the very least, gain even more confidence that you’re on the right path. Plus, it’s short. The videos last a combined 32 minutes. What have you got to lose?

I also encourage you to share this free tool with other organizations that want to become more father inclusive, such as those in a collaborative or other network your organization is part of or grantees you fund. They’ll appreciate it.

Do you know where your organization is on the journey to become more father inclusive?

Are you aware that there are discrete actions your organization can take to move farther along in that journey and that NFI has the resources to help?

Learn more about the Father Engagement Academy by National Fatherhood Initiative

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