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[Father’s Day Special] The CHI Podcast featuring NFI President Christopher A. Brown: Why Dads Matter

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Jun 16, 2022


Do you know why the role of a father or father figure is so important in a child's life?

Recently Sandy Munoz of The CHI Podcast, CEO of The Children’s Healing Institute, a non-profit organization located in Palm Beach County, Florida interviewed National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) President Christopher A. Brown (Chris).

Chris is in his 23rd year with NFI and became President in 2013. His background in Anthropology and experience in public health, combined with his personal experience of having an absent father, places him in a unique position to serve the organization. Chris lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife. They have two adult daughters.

In the podcast, Chris shares the reasons why dads matter and more. Click here to listen to the full podcast.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • NFI’s Mission and Vision
  • Why don’t more human service organizations serve dads?
  • Why are involved dads important?
  • Different parenting approaches/styles and the benefits for children.
  • How can community/social/human service programs get more dads involved?
  • Chris’s perspective on working with fathers in communities via human service organizations.

We hope you enjoy this special opportunity to hear Chris share with Sandy!

For information about National Fatherhood Initiative® visit Fatherhood.org. To learn more about National Fatherhood Initiative® programs and resources visit the store website at Fathersource.org. To learn more about NFI’s new ProFathering15™ online course for dads and father figures, visit profathering.fatherhood.org.

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