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Father Absence is Preventable: Here's How

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Aug 3, 2011
Even though most folks we tell about our work agree that it is important, they sometimes have their doubts about whether or not... Read More

Topics: incarceration, troy's story, xavier, prisoner reentry, NFI-Specific Programs & Resources

What Doesn’t Kill You? Being a Good Dad.

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Feb 22, 2011
I just watched the film, “What Doesn’t Kill You,” with Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke. Ruffalo and Hawke play childhood friends... Read More

Topics: incarceration

A day in NFI's programming world

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Oct 12, 2010
A key part of National Fatherhood Initiative’s work is to equip fathers to be the best dads they can be. Our staff in the... Read More

Topics: Doctor Dad, incarceration, NFI-Specific Programs & Resources

He's Worth It

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Sep 8, 2010
I took a road trip this summer to visit a college friend in New Jersey. One of the things that I noticed during my time in the... Read More

Topics: incarceration

The DC Sniper Story Revisited: Before the "Aftermath"

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Aug 1, 2010
A few days ago, William Shatner, as part of his new A&E show called Aftermath, interviewed DC sniper, Lee Malvo. I have spoken... Read More

Topics: NFI, incarceration, d.c. sniper, father figure, biological parents

Drunk 4-Year-Old Steals Christmas Presents

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Dec 18, 2009
The headline sounds like a bad joke, but it is actually a real and terribly sad news story. You can get the details here.Hayden,... Read More

Topics: incarceration

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