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Dads And Depression: Are You Passing Your Symptoms To Your Children?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Feb 24, 2012
I can admit to the Father Factor readers that I’ve struggled with depression over the years, with therapy and group sessions... Read More

Topics: mothers, postpartum depression

Men at Work: Time and Turf Wait for No One

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Jul 29, 2011
Husbands across the country can celebrate – Time magazine has printed (on its cover no less!) that married men and women do... Read More

Topics: mothers, time magazine

Fatherhood is Like Real Estate

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Apr 5, 2011
A new study has found that one in five American moms have kids with more than one birth father. This is disheartening news for a... Read More

Topics: mothers

Why Should Dad Care?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Feb 2, 2011
A recently released study by The Ohio State University suggests that in families with young children, the parents were more... Read More

Topics: research, mothers, mama says

Where are the "Tiger Fathers"?

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Jan 24, 2011
Many of you have probably heard about (or participated in!) the firestorm around the new book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. It... Read More

Topics: chinese parenting, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, mothers, chinese mother

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