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Home Run Twitter Chat with Prizes! Tonight 8pm EST #HomeRunMovie

Posted by Melissa Byers   |   Apr 18, 2013
Baseball all-star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, with memories of his past... Read More

Topics: faith, values

For Father's of Older Children--No Time for an "Achy Breaky" Heart

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Dec 23, 2010
For the last week or so, folks have been “buzzing” about this video of Miley Cyrus taking a “hit” of salvia from a bong. No... Read More

Topics: miley cyrus, values

What’s in a name? Everything.

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Dec 16, 2010
This past weekend, disgraced financier Bernard Madoff’s oldest son, Mark, took his life in a dramatic fashion. He hung himself... Read More

Topics: madoff, values

Lessons Learned: Giving to Receive

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Oct 6, 2010
One of the first Bible precepts that I learned in Sunday School as a small boy was that it is better to give than to receive.... Read More

Topics: infant, NFI, values, money

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