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[Free Resources] The Role of Mentoring in Reentry

A fatherhood program should never stand alone.

Think about that statement for a moment. What does it mean?

It means you should implement a fatherhood program within a broader array of programs and services that meet fathers’ needs beyond their role as a dad and that, at the same time, help them fulfill that role.

4 Recommendations for Working with Ex-Prisoners

Working with dads reentering society from prison is one of the great challenges in serving dads. 

That's why a recent brief released by the Urban Institute on their evaluation of six federally-funded reentry programs is so welcome for organizations and individuals involved in promoting responsible fatherhood.

Father Absence is Preventable: Here's How

Even though most folks we tell about our work agree that it is important, they sometimes have their doubts about whether or not it is possible to actually prevent father absence. Can you really change people's choices around such a personal issue?

For all of those who have asked that question, or have thought of asking it, watch this video:

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