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The Four C's of Parenting [Infographic]

Posted by Megan Dottermusch

Being a parent is a huge undertaking that requires sacrifice, time management, and an incredible amount of responsibility.

It goes without saying that parenting is a challenging and, on more than one occasion, overwhelming job.

With so many resources available to parents, it’s difficult to know where to look or what advice to believe or adhere to.

Screen_Shot_2015-11-30_at_11.47.03_AM.pngLicensed Clinical Professional Counselor Dr. Nathan Perron is the director of Online Clinical Training for Northwestern University’s Masters in Counseling Program online and seeks to bring clarity to new and experienced parents.

Dubbed the “Four Cs,” Dr. Perron has categorized years of experience and research into easy-to-understand themes he has come across in his practice.

His hope is that these “Four Cs” will serve as a useful resource for parents looking to resolve parenting issues and simplify day-to-day tasks. 

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Megan Dottermusch is a community relations coordinator for 2U, Inc. supporting mental health and advocacy programs for the Masters in Counseling Program online at Northwestern University online. She is passionate about promoting proper nutrition and fitness, combating mental health stigmas, and practicing everyday mindfulness.

Topics: relationships, corrections, military, community-based, lifestyle, fatherhood program tips, parenting tips

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