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Just for Moms > 2 New Resources on Communication and Co-Parenting (Product Spotlight)

We often get asked, "What resources do you have for moms?" Our answer will include our curriculum called Understanding Dad™ and our Pocketbooks for Moms™. But now, there's more!

Spotlight > New Video Podcast Reveals the Impact of InsideOut Dad® Program

There are 2.7 million children with a parent in prison or jail in the United States. The number of children with a father in prison has grown by 79% since 1991. 

Despite these staggering facts, InsideOut Dad®, NFI's 12-week program for incarcerated fathers, continues to have a positive impact on fathers and families across the country. 

In this post, Matt Duhamel, Host of Solitary Nation and Filmmaker at Metamora Films, interviews me to discuss what correctional facilities in America are doing to help men in prison to be better dads.

New Resource Shows Dads How to Better Manage Money

Do you work with fathers who struggle with money? Sadly, some dads see their role strictly as check-writer-in-chief while other dads struggle to make ends meet.

It doesn't have to be this way. Whether it's child support, legal fees, or having to work two and three jobs to pay for life, many dads struggle with money. Most dads need to learn how vital money management is to their role of being good dads.

We created this new tool to teach dads why they should manage their money and give them an easy action plan to help handle money.

6 Tips to Protect Your Child from Bullying

I try to stay up on the latest blog posts about fatherhood. Often, I share helpful articles on NFI's social media channels. But, when Roland Warren, the former President and current board member of NFI, wrote about fatherhood recenty, I had to share it here on the blog. Why? Well, Mr. Warren knows a thing or two about fatherhood.

In his newest post, Warren shares a personal story of how he experienced bullying and what he did about it. Review his story as a resource to help you help the dads you serve.

Spotlight > Men in Pueblo, Colorado Learn to Become Better Dads

You have to see how one fatherhood program in Pueblo, Colorado is helping men learn how to be better fathers. 

Read this post to learn about the good work Graham Bates, the local pastor and police chaplain is doing, and to learn about Bates' vision for the program.

Final Reminder > Opportunity to Start or Expand ​24/7 Dad®! (Application Deadline 10/31)

National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) seeks applications from organizations that want to partner with NFI to expand the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® program within the community or communities they serve. So hurry, because this is the final reminder. Applications are due to NFI by 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, October 31, 2016.

Opportunity to Start or Expand ​24/7 Dad®!

National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) seeks applications from organizations that want to partner with NFI to expand the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® program within the community or communities they serve.

Free Resources > 4 New eBooks to Help You Serve Fathers

I want to introduce you to four new (and free) eBooks the NFI Team has created to help you get started serving fathers in any setting.

In this post, I'll walk you through each new eBook and show you how they can help you help fathers—whether you work in a community-based organization, corrections and reentry setting, military installation, or state and government agency. 

What "Dads Matter Too" Did for Their Program Graduation That You Should Too

When dads graduate from your fatherhood program, it's a big deal. It should be treated as such. After reading how "Dads Matter Too" in New Haven, Connecticut, created a successful graduation event, I had to tell you about it.

This program involved several local partners to make their graduation a success. Read this post and consider how you can make your next fatherhood program graduation special.

Spotlight > Teen Dads in Texas are Getting the Help They Need

I get this question often by phone and email, "Do you have any programs to help teen dads?"

My answer is "Yes!" Which is why I'm excited to see the work Martin Castaneda is doing in Midland, Texas. In this post, you will see how he is using the 24/7 Dad® program to help teen dads. 

Spotlight > InsideOut Dad® Helps Inmates Become Better Dads in Jackson, Tennessee

Thankfully, we see these types of news stories about our fatherhood programs often. We get excited to see our programs help people. Also, being a native Tennessean, I'm a sucker for a good Tennessee story. Here's one such spotlight...

4 Keys to Creating an Actionable Father Engagement Plan

One of the biggest challenges I hear from service providers is how to create an actionable father engagement plan.

There are 4 keys to creating an effective and actionable plan:

New Spanish Resource > The Importance of an Involved Father (Brochure)

I'm often asked, "Do you have any resources available in Spanish?" My answer is, "Yes!" We do have many fatherhood resources available in Spanish.

In fact, our newest (and VERY popular) brochure is now available in Spanish! What's interesting about this particular brochure, is that it's almost more popular than our "10 Ways to be a Better Dad" brochure. Crazy, right?

In this post, I'll spotlight our newest Spanish brochure, as well as where you can find additional resources for the Spanish-speaking dads you serve.

Why Evidence-Based Fatherhood Programs are Important for Dads

Depending on where you look, the term “evidence-based” can have slightly different meanings. Generally speaking, however, it refers to a program that has been found by independent research to affect a change in program participants compared to similar individuals who did not participate in the program.

Researchers refer to program participants as the “intervention group” while referring to non-participants as the “control group.” A program becomes evidence-based when this rigorous approach to evaluating it has shown the change is not likely due to chance but to the impact of the program.

Spotlight > Newport News City Jail Teaches 107 Men How To Be Better Dads

We try to spotlight fatherhood programs we find in the news. This group is doing great work at the Newport News City Jail in a partnership between the Newport News Department of Human Services and the Newport News Sheriff's Office.

Hopefully, reading it will not only show you an example of what can happen when fathers learn how to be better dads, but it will remind you that your work matters. For this who don't currently serve fathers, perhaps you will be inspired to volunteer and help fathers in your city.

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