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5 of the Top Father Factor Blogs of 2017

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Dec 27, 2017



At NFI we’re passionate about equipping organizations and communities with the information and resources they need to be the best they can be at engaging fathers in their children’s lives.

That’s why we aim to post regularly here on the Father Factor blog covering topics that matter most to folks across the nation who are working with fathers.

At the end of the year, it's always fun to look back to see which of the blogs we’ve written were the most popular and the most viewed.

So without further ado, here are 5 of our top blogs from 2017!

#5: How Dads View Co-Parenting 

One of the best ways to help dads become more involved in the lives of their children is to ensure that the co-parenting relationship between dad and mom is a good one. So where do you start to ensure dad and mom have a good co-parenting relationship? Learn what the research says about co-parenting, including how dads and moms view co-parenting.


#4: Creating the “Hook” for your Fatherhood Program 

Getting dads involved in your programs and services takes planning and skill. Successful fatherhood practitioners plan ahead by strategizing how they will draw fathers in, what other services they will offer as “hooks”, and lay out the demographics and location of their target population. Learn about how to determine the "hooks" that will attract fathers into your program, even before choosing your fatherhood curriculum.


#3: The Two Factors That Affect How Much Dads Invest in Their Children 

new study of nearly 500 racially and ethnically diverse low-income dads dove a bit deeper than most to help us understand the factors that affect how dads invest in these two ways. Researchers examined “whether and how a father’s income and education levels, relationships at home, and views on parenting related to a father’s involvement, as measured by time spent with children in a variety of activities as well as financial investment.” Learn what they found makes the biggest difference.


#2: 7 Things You Can Suggest to Dads to Connect with Their Kids 

It's likely that the dads you serve have many issues to address in their lives to become more stable, productive, and involved fathers. But often times, dads think they need to do something "big" to connect with their children, when most of the time, it's the little things that add up. In this post, we share 7 easy things you can share with dads to help them connect with their kids, along with a unique, free resource that helps dads connect with their children by sharing their "favorite things".


#1: The Father Absence Crisis [Infographic]

Perhaps what NFI is most known for, publishing research on the effects of father absence on children, brings me to one of our top blogs of 2017. Whether you are with an organization that serves fathers and families, or you are a father yourself, it's important that you carry the message of the value of fathers to our nation. To help you share this message, we created a simple yet powerful infographic outlining the father absence crisis in America, and how it's affecting our children. Won't you take this to heart and help promote responsible fatherhood? The children of our future will thank you.


Wishing you a very Happy New Year! See you in 2018.

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