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Posted by Melissa Byers

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Jan 18, 2019


Children do better socially, emotionally, and physically when their fathers are involved in their lives. That's why there's an important audience we can't overlook when it comes to fatherhood education: dads in jail or reentry (or otherwise involved in the corrections system).

Administrators and educators working with these dads have a unique opportunity to make a huge impact on these fathers’ understanding of their important role as a father while they are in their care. Yet, we know that there might not be much time available to make an impact with these dads.

That’s why we developed a self-paced, easy-to-use resource that's both affordable and impactful just for these dads.

Have you heard of The InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties™ by National Fatherhood Initiative®? It's a self-paced, 96-page guide that helps incarcerated fathers create and maintain connections to family while incarcerated and upon reentry.

The Guide has in fact been around for awhile and is being used by many different types of organizations working with incarcerated/formerly incarcerated dads including the Alaska Department of Corrections, The Muscogee County Jail (Columbus, Georgia), Forever Dads Center for Fathers and Families (Zanesville, Ohio), and the Prince William County Government Drug Offenders Recovery Services (Manassas, Virginia).

Research shows that family connections are critical to reducing recidivism.
Therefore, it’s critical to provide fathers with a resource that helps them to get and stay connected with their children and family

An important challenge that the Guide addresses with dads is how to effectively communicate with the mother, or primary caregiver, of their children. Through assessment tools and action steps to improve that relationship and more effectively communicate, The InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties™ gives dads a better chance to connect with their children, even during incarceration.

The InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties™ provides valuable tips and advice for dads on:Iod-Guide-4-5-spread2

  • Assessing the relationships with their children and the mother, or primary caregiver, of their children
  • Getting and staying involved with their children and the mother, or primary caregiver, of their children while incarcerated
  • What to expect for the relationships with their children and their children’s mother, or primary caregiver, while incarcerated
  • How to integrate getting connected to their family in a healthy way into a reentry plan

Here are some ways you can use it in your program or facility:

Long or short-term stay facilities (not just prisons, but jails, half-way houses, etc.)

One-on-one case management, counseling, coaching, or mentoring with fathers

As a supplement to the group-based InsideOut Dad® program

Use with dads on wait lists for the group-based InsideOut Dad® program

As a stand-alone, self-paced resource to reach incarcerated fathers who are unable to participate in the group-based InsideOut Dad® program

And, there are lots of benefits to this resource:

Easy to use format walks fathers through the guide at their own pace

Includes a free, customizable certificate and letter of completion

Includes free post-surveys to measure knowledge gained

Includes a free instruction guide on how to use this great resource

Download a free sample here to see how the Guide could fit into your programs!

Available individually for $10.49 or in a 25-pack for $189 (a savings of $2.93 per book!).


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