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Mary Kay Keller

Dr. Mary Kay Keller is a successful "Relationship Coach aka Heart Whisperer" and Educator who recently completed her Doctorate in Human Sciences and majored in Family Relationships. Dr. Keller's research focused on five fathers' experiences massaging their infants and is excited to about what fathers shared about fathering.

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TEDxTalk: First Time Fathers: A Candid View of Their Experiences (Video)

Posted by Mary Kay Keller   |   Jul 15, 2015
Earlier this year, I was invited to a TEDxTalk, interviewed and then presented. I dedicate this talk to fathers everywhere who... Read More

Topics: General Fatherhood Program Resources, General Fatherhood Research & Studies

Massaged Your Baby Today? Study Says Massage Good for Baby & Dad

Posted by Mary Kay Keller   |   Jun 3, 2014
Historically, mothers have been the primary caregivers of newborn babies. During the last century, fathers went from being banned... Read More

Topics: General Fatherhood Research & Studies

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