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Gold Medal Dads...Affirm Their Kids

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Aug 1, 2012

Dad GamesWith week two of The Dad Games of 2012 is complete, and we are ready for week 3! 

The Dad Games challenges dads to become “Gold Medal Dads” in five areas of fathering. Each week we provide Dad's with a checklist of seven actions to take in order to connect with the family. This week's challenge is Gold Medal Dads...Affirm Their Kids.

An important part of being a Gold Medal Dad is affirming your child and showing affection. Showing affection and expressing praise may or may not come naturally to you, but it's important for your child to experience you demonstrating your love in visible, tangible ways. Affirmation from Dad plays a big role in shaping a child's self-confidence and attitude.

To honor your efforts, we're giving away prizes including sports memorabilia signed by celebrity athletes and free gift packs of men's skin care products. Learn more about the prizes here. 

We're challenging you to take the seven challenges this week to show (and tell) your kids you love them. 

How can you win?!
You enter to win by sharing your experiences and connecting with other dads in The Dad Games on FacebookTwitter, and commenting on our blog (Get more info on how to enter here!).

Subsribe to the Dad Email™ and get The Dad Games weekly checklist in your inbox.

Question: In your experience, what must you do to show (and tell) your kids you love them?

Dad GamesVisit Gold Medal Dads…Affirm Their Kids for tips on how you can affirm and show affection to your kids intentionally this week.

Remember to share and connect with other dads this week on the blog, Facebook and Twitter (#DadGames12).

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