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Going for Gold: The Full Recap of Dad Games 2012

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Aug 23, 2012

The Dad Games of 2012 came to a close on Tuesday. We hope you dads have been challenged and encouraged as we have during these games. We enjoyed sharing stories and connecting with other dads.

We expect that you are connecting with your kids in a deeper way, are being the best husband (or ex-husband) to the mother of your children, are armed with ideas for managing work and family priorities and have set goals to continue training and improving in being the best dad you can be. 

Dad Games 12

Let's take one last look back at highlights of what dads like you said over all five weeks of The Dad Games. Below are quotes from actual dads who took the challenge to be Gold Medal Dads. 

Week 1: Gold Medal Dads Spend Time with Kids
"Love the idea of the 2012 Dad Games! Had a ball yesterday riding the go-kart, bike riding, reading, etc. Summer has been great overall, but it's nice to have the "challenge" placed in front of me as well as other Dad's." -Tim

"Dad Games 2012. Great idea to inspire us guys to be better fathers. My little girl is 1. I read a couple of books to her today. The most important time to me is when we both can take a nap together during the day. Lets do work DADS!!" -Robert 

"My son and I have colored, played Batman, fixed the kitchen tile in my grandfather's house, read a few books, and the week ain't over yet. :) Thanks for the fishing tips. My son is afraid of pretty much every animal so fishing is a no-go for a while anyway." –Maury

"My daughter Savannah and I spent all weekend at a Girls Scout camp for Girl Scouts and their family members. We rode horses, hiked, did crafts, archery, low ropes, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was one of the best times ever!!!!!"-Mike

"Yes, from bringing them to work to having "special lunches" while @ work to fun dinners, late night dips in the pool . Movies ordering pizza late at night to all falling asleep together on the same couch.. Loved every second of it! -Will

"Saturday mornings we go get bagels and give Mom the morning off!" #DadGames12 @bfalvey

"I was missing too much so left high-paying job so could work part-time & spend more time raising my kids." #dadgames12 @GeekDad248 

"Making up dance moves to songs like Call Me Maybe in our chairs once dinner is done." #DadGames12 @cdel58

"Meal time is our listening and giggling time. 3.5yr old tells antics of day. Sometimes tattles on herself" #Dadgames12 @jon_wilke

"My son and I read a National Geographic Kids magazine last night and a dinosaur alphabet book." #DadGames12 @candyland0606

"Singing The Duck Song with my kids. Grand time quacking together before bed time." #DadGames12 @JasonBruce

"Getting spanked by my kids in UNO." #DadGames12 @ctramosono

Week 2: Gold Medal Dads Communicate With Mom
“Wonderful reflections! Thank you! One of the programs our agency facilitates is "Cooperative Co-Parenting" for divorcing couples. If only these couples addressed the healthy of their relationship before it was too late! It's critical to keep those connections fresh and loving day by day!” –Jan

“My wife and I have been married for 6 years and together for 12 years this September. First and foremost, we are best friends. I can say that honestly. Second, we talk and respect each other. We know each other's buttons and we try not to touch them during disagreements. That is huge in my son's life and will continue to be a big influence on his future relationships. As hard as it might seem, your wife comes first. After God, of course.” –Maury

“Alot of good ideas here…As far is my advice...it's the little things that count. My wife most appreciates signs of affection, gentle touches throughout the day, hand squeeze, hugs for no reason…It keeps us close. Plus it's good for the children to see their parents expressing that closeness.” -Jay

“You have to make it clear to your kids that they are important, but your wife (husband) are first. We still have date nights. I count down the time the kids have left before they move out.” -Charles

“Does shoe shopping count as time together? : ) We have been looking for hours.” #DadGames12 @cdel58

“Gold medal dad weekly activity 2. Had a date night last night going to see batman and dinner with my wife.” #DadGames12 @TheDadpreneur

“Marriage retreat will score you 100+ man points.” #DadGames12 @JasonBruce

"One new thing we started this week was communication mirror. Everyday we use our bathroom mirror and white board markers to display messages to eachother. Things like "I love You" "You are beautiful" or a simple prayer. It is amazing how much we both enjoy getting up each morning to see the messages that have been posted. Feels like we are writing love notes to each other just like in high school." -Chris

Week 3: Gold Medal Dads Affirm Their Kids
“Tell your kids several times a day how much you love them. Show your love for them. Be respectful to their mother.” –Ian

“Didn't have to be in court till 1:30 other day so took kids 2 playground in morning-many women asked if I was sick or unemployed." #dadgames12 @GeekDad248

“Cheer practice now. Can't imagine 5yr olds learning 50 cheers. We shall see what happens. Good luck to coaches." #DadGames12 @CDel58

“I hug my daughter daily." #DadGames12 @BrianTooley1

“Taking daughter to see the movie she has wanted to see all summer-Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She thinks we have errands tomorrow but NO!" #DadGames12 @BrianTooley1

“I knew my dad loved me from how he treated me but he never said the words - I make effort say "love you" to my kids." #dadgames12 @GeekDad248

“Even though parents divorced, Dad never said bad word about my mother." #Dadgames12 @Jon_Wilke

"I'm working on leaving the laptop off when I get home from work so I can be even more present with my twins and planning activities for the weekend for us as a family." -Steve

"You know you are a daddy when you stop watching the opening Olympic ceremony to go read a Dr. Seuss book to your loving daughter when she is calling you to read to her… “The Nose Book.” -Allan

Week 4: Gold Medal Dads Balance Work and Family
"This is awesome timing with it being the first week of school for me and as a teacher I have to juggle a lot. My son calls my students my kids, too.  I have always strived to keep "Mr. Wood" at work and let Daddy and Maury come home. It's hard to separate the two but it is something that takes effort. It doesn't just happen. Once again, awesome timing!" -Maury

"I'd say I'm about an 8 or 9. I can't be there every minute but I make a whole-hearted effort to be at every game, performance, and event I can, even if it means going straight from work or driving back and forth to overlapping games. I'm making more of an effort to leave the computer & phone off at night and we always eat dinner together with no electronics at the table and no TV." -Steve

Week 5: Gold Medal Dads Set Goals To Improve
"Great tips. This summer has been a blast with the kids home but when I get home from work they want to tell me all about what they have been up to. They don't care (and I shouldn't even bother them with) my job's day to day droning. I love catching up wIth them, but I have learned its vital to listen to the wife too!" -Kevin

"This was a great program. I hope it becomes an annual event. Great tips and advice." -Thomas

"I agree with Thomas..... Very well organized and brought a lot of dads closer to their children. Nothing better than that." -Robert

"Sad we are wrapping up - stay in touch guys!" #dadgames12 @GeekDad248

"Any more plans for twitter parties in the future?" #DadGames12 @maurydwood2

Dad Games 12Thank you, Team Dad, for joining us in The Dad Games of 2012!

We encourage you to keep training, keep connecting and consider being a Double Duty Dad. Stay tuned for more information on our next big project.

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Go Team Dad!

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