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[Free Webinar] Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Nov 21, 2019


Tuesday, December 10, 2019
3-4:30 PM EST

Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood and Public Policy - Employment among Fathers with Criminal Records, CPS-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers, Including Fathers in Homeless Shelters and Addressing Domestic Violence in Fatherhood Programs

This Fatherhood Research & Practice Network webinar features findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in key public policy areas: state laws on access to criminal records and employment, investigations of child maltreatment perpetrated by fathers, including fathers in homeless shelters, and addressing domestic violence in fatherhood programs.


Moderator: Jessica Pearson, Center for Policy Research, Denver


If you are interested in fatherhood research conducted in real world settings with public policy implications, don’t miss the final FRPN webinar.

Register for the Dec. 10 webinar here

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