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Fundraising Video for Fatherhood Initiative Offers Lessons for Others

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Dec 1, 2020


SpoFI! Say what? SpoFI!

SpoFI is short for the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative, one of the most impressive father-serving efforts in the country.

Ever since National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) partnered with SpoFI to run our evidence-based 24/7 Dad®program, I’ve continued to be impressed with how the initiative and its fatherhood program has grown and pivoted during the pandemic. (SpoFI also runs NFI’s Fathering in 15TM and Understanding Dad TM programs. They’ve delivered 24/7 Dad® and Fathering in 15 TM virtually during the pandemic.)

How they’ve grown offers lessons for other father-serving efforts. Their latest set of lessons is on fundraising; specifically, how to create a virtual fundraising campaign anchored by a video. Before I share those lessons, watch the 27-minute video below. It’s well worth your time.


What lessons did you glean? Perhaps you gleaned the following lessons.

  • Don’t skimp on the cost to develop the video. Ensure it is of high quality and “pulls at the heart strings.”
  • Land a sponsor to fund development of the video.
  • Clearly communicate the focus of your effort, such as its mission, goals and objectives, and activities.
  • Clearly communicate the grounding of your effort in evidence/research. (If you have outcomes data on your effort, such as from an evaluation, include it.)
  • If the video is part of a time-limited fundraising campaign, include details about the campaign, such as its start and end dates, how much money it seeks to raise, and matching donations.
  • Include staff who run the effort.
  • Include board members and a diverse mix of well-known and respected community leaders (e.g. from media and politics) to show their support of the effort and how the effort benefits the community.
  • Include dads, children, and other family members positively impacted by the effort.

Have you considered launching a virtual fundraising campaign for your father-serving effort?

Did you glean other lessons from the video? If so, please email us at so that we might consider updating this post to include those lessons. Include “Fundraising Video” in the subject line of your email.

Fundraising for Fatherhood Programs Webinar

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