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How to Help Dads Connect with Their Child After a Long Absence

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Jul 10, 2018


Two of the questions that staff of National Fatherhood Initiative® have been asked most often by dads is: 

  • Do you have advice for me on connecting with my child, a child I’ve never known and who doesn’t know me?
  • Do you have advice for me on reconnecting with my child, a child I haven’t seen for many years?

Many kinds of dads have asked us these questions. They include never married, non-custodial dads, dads who are or who were incarcerated, and dads who have been absent from the life of their child for any reason (e.g. divorce).

Do you serve such dads—dads who long to connect with their children, but they just don’t know how? If you do, then you now have the opportunity to acquire one of the most vital resources we’ve developed.

It’s a new brochure entitled, "How to Connect With Your Minor Child After a Long Absence." It educates dads on two stages they must pass through—with associated steps in each stage—to successfully connect with their child (under age 18) for the first time or to reconnect if once connected.

When you get this brochure into the hands of a dad who longs to connect with his child, you'll help him learn not only what he must do but how he must do it—a process that will give him the best chance to succeed in connecting. He'll learn, for example:

  • How he can increase the odds of connecting or reconnecting through self-awareness, honesty, a focused plan, and hard work.
  • How to plan for and when to meet with the mother (or other main caregiver) of his child—and what to say and ask during that meeting—to encourage her to give dad the "green light" to connect.
  • His options in the event that mom (or other main caregiver) won't allow him to connect.
  • How to plan for and when to meet with his child—and what to say and ask during that meeting—so that he and his child can lay the foundation for a successful relationship.

We released the brochure a couple weeks ago, and it’s flown off our shelves. You can preview the entire content of the brochure here. Just click on the small thumbnail images of the brochure's content, which appear below the main image of its cover. You can acquire it online through FatherSource™, or call FatherSource™ at 240-912-1263.

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