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12 Tips to Help Your Board Members Raise Funds

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Aug 24, 2016

One of the most challenging aspects of starting and maintaining a fatherhood program is raising funds to support it.

That's why some of the most viewed blog posts I've written have focused on fundraising tips. So I'm constantly on the lookout for guidance and advice that can help our organization partners raise funds for their father-engagement efforts.

One reason raising funds is such a challenge is the corresponding challenge of getting board members engaged in that effort. Many board members are engaged in a competition for their time. Spending time raising funds competes with the time they have for their job, family, and other commitments--including, for some members, sitting on other boards!

That's why I was pleased to read this article that includes tips that can help even the busiest of board members to raise funds. In fact, because I found almost all of the 12 tips relevant to NFI's board members I shared the link to the article with them as encouragement to hit their fundraising targets as we enter the final quarter of our fiscal year! 

I encourage you to send the link to your board members, too, with an emphatic request to read the article.

How well do you engage your board members throughout the year to fundraise for your fatherhood program?

Have you discussed with your board members how to fit fundraising into their busy schedule? Or do you just assume they'll find the time?

Did you know that NFI's Father Engagement Certificate™ training includes an entire session on fundraising?

Are you a dad looking for help? Please visit our Fatherhood Program Locator™ and enter your city and state on the map to find programs and resources in your community.

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