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[Video] How to Tell Whether Staff Know Your Organization’s Purpose in Serving Dads

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Nov 14, 2017

Do you know you purpose serving dad?

Do you know your organization’s purpose in serving dads?

Before you read any further, take a moment to write your answer to that question.

If you struggled to answer, don’t fret. Employees in any organization can struggle to understand the purpose of a specific aspect of their organization (e.g. a service) or the organization as a whole (i.e. its mission)—unless, of course, the organization has a system in place that frequently reinforces purpose in its employees. Alas, many organizations don't.

This post can help.

If you’re clear on your organization’s purpose in serving dads and are concerned that your coworkers don’t know—and even if you’re not concerned but want have a bit of fun—here’s a simple but illuminating exercise from best-selling author Dan Pink that takes very little time to conduct. Watch the two-minute video below in which Dan demonstrates the exercise.

Pinkcast 2.6: How a simple index card can surface your
organization's purpose | Daniel H. Pink

Even though Dan demonstrates the exercise in the context of an organization’s overall purpose, you can apply it to your coworkers’ understanding of purpose in serving dads.

Simply change the question they answer to:

What’s our organization’s purpose in serving dads?

If you find your coworkers’ knowledge lacking, put a system in place that ensures everyone learns it and that frequently reinforces it.

When it comes to serving dads, does your organization know its purpose?

What does it try to accomplish with dads? Is it the same thing(s) as with moms or different?

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