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It's Never Too Late for Dads to Reconnect with Their Kids > Learn How

Posted by Melissa Byers

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May 17, 2018


How do dads and kids connect during and after a father has been in jail or prison? What if he's just been out of their life for a time period for another reason? The answer might surprise you.

The answer? Through simple questions and answers. Basically, communication. Communication can be hard. Communication can be scary. Dads aren't sure what to say. And their kids are even more unsure what to say. (Heck, their brains are still developing!)

Watch this video as one dad sits down with his daughter after incarceration and they ask questions of each other from flash cards. The results are nothing short of inspirational, encouraging, and lovely.

If you are seeking an activity for the dads you serve, use this video as your inspiration: create flashcards using some of the questions from the video, and other questions you dream up that could help a dad and child communicate. Especially think of things to ask that can to help them discuss the hard topics. Just like the dad and daughter in this video.


It's never too late to get dads and kids talking. Even if it seems hard at first. The results can have a lasting impact on father-child relationships.

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