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Our Newest, Must-Have Resource Bundle for Father Involvement

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Mar 3, 2020


Sometimes something comes along that’s a no-brainer. It smacks you upside the head so-to-speak and you’re left wondering, why didn’t I think of that sooner?

As you know, at NFI we’re always looking for ways to provide the best high-quality resources to help our partners serve fathers and families every single day. We create new products, make revisions and improvements to existing ones, and we even “sunset” products that aren’t being as widely used to make room for others that may be even more helpful to our partners.

This includes our popular resource bundles that help making a decision on a collection of resources for the dads you serve so much easier!

As you may know, we have many unique bundles for serving dads in certain types of scenarios (e.g. home visitation) or at certain times in their lives (e.g. new & expectant dads). But it dawned on us that we had a gap in our bundle offerings: a simple, basic, father involvement bundle that could be used by someone just starting out serving dads, and one that anyone serving dads could acquire to get a collection of our best sellers.

We also realized that we didn’t have a resource bundle that was available in both English and Spanish (that’s mainly because we don't have a Spanish counterpart for every single resource we offer; only for the more popular ones).

So, we decided to “fix” that!

Introducing our new Father Involvement Starter Bundle. It contains a plethora of resources designed to help any dad be the best dad he can be. It even includes resources to bring mom in on father involvement and co-parenting. And, the exact same bundle is available in English and Spanish!

Topics covered in the bundle include:

  • the importance of an involved father
  • ways to be a better dad
  • tips for dads to help their child in school
  • how to better manage money
  • co-parenting tips for mom and dads

It also includes our strength-based Father Facts posters to help you show dads—and moms—that your facility/facilities are father-friendly and that remind staff of the importance of serving dads.

Here are the specific bundle contents:

  • NFI-95 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: The Importance of an Involved Father (great for dads and moms)
  • NFI-93 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How Dad can be a Good Co-Parent
  • NFI-97 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How to Better Manage Money (With Spending Plan Worksheet)
  • NFI-74 - 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 10 Tips to Help Your Child in School
  • NFI-72 - 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 10 Ways to Be a Better Dad
  • NFI-99 - 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 10 Ways Mom Can be a Great Co-Parent
  • NFI-59 - Poster Set: 5 Father Facts Posters

There are over 300 resources in this bundle for just $163 (shipping included!). Arm yourself with the best resources for any dad (or mom!) who walks into your facility or center.

Head over to our FatherSource™ resource center to learn more and purchase this new resource bundle.


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