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Powerful Video for Your Fatherhood Program

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Dec 6, 2016

As I talk with facilitators of National Fatherhood Initiative's (NFI's) fatherhood programs, I'm constantly amazed by facilitators' creativity. 

One of the creative things many facilitators do is to find resources that enhance the content of our programs or address an issue or topic not addressed in our programs but that are important for the dads they serve, or that help dads tap into their emotions or induce a positive mood into a group setting. 

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One such resource facilitators often find is a video with a powerful message and imagery. For example, 24/7 Dad® facilitator Angel Flores, who runs the Dad's Club program at Vista Community Clinic in Vista, CA, uses NFI's free public service announcements (PSAs) on responsible fatherhood at the start and end of group sessions. He likes the powerful message they send about the importance of dads and the positive mood they induce through their use of humor to deliver that message. The dads have reacted so positively to the PSAs that he plans to integrate them into the clinic's Facebook page to see whether they might help with recruitment of dads into the program.

Because so many facilitators have found videos to be an excellent supplemental resource for our fatherhood programs, I am constantly on the lookout for videos that I can share. Recently, I ran across this powerful five-minute video of correctional officer Calvin Williams speaking at a TEDx event held in, of all places, a prison. What I find compelling about the video is not only Calvin's message about how important his role is as a father but the imagery of him delivering the message in his uniform and in a prison. The imagery creates a stark contrast between the important, positive message Calvin delivers and the view many people have of correctional officers as tough, demanding, and harsh.

I encourage you to watch the video and consider using it in your work with dads. 

What resources do you use to enhance your fatherhood program? 

Have you watched NFI's free PSAs and Stories of Impact and reflected on how you can use them?

Are you a dad looking for help? Please visit our Fatherhood Program Locator™ and enter your city and state on the map to find programs and resources in your community.

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