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Posted by Melissa Byers

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Aug 3, 2017


Scheduling an event is a fun way to draw attention to your programs and services for dads and families. We've seen all sorts of creative events, but one kind seems to be tried and true: kids and dads love basketball!

Recently, the United Way of North Texas Area who uses NFI's 24/7 Dad® program, held a basketball tournament to bring awareness to their programs and to develop relationships with dads and families they serve.

KFDX 3 News ReportingThe three on three basketball tournament was put on by 24/7 Dads, which is a part of United Way [North Texas]. This event is to get the word out about the programs available for fathers in the area.

The 24/7 fatherhood engagement program has group meetings and even does in-house visits. They want to help show dads their roles in kid's lives early and how important they are.

“We want to teach them to get involved early,” Alfonso Holmes, Father engagement Coordinator for United Way said. “We found some of the statistics, like teen pregnancies, incarcerations for men, abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, these things almost decrease by four times when dads are involved."

Carl Morgan joined the 24/7 Dads about two years ago and he got involved for one reason, “Honestly to be a better dad,” Morgan said. “I have a four-year-old who will be five in November. I just had another son on May 10th. He is about ten weeks old. That's basically it, I wanted to be the best father I could be.”

The program is there to support fathers in different ways and has resources available to help them out.

“If there are any issues like child support issues, we do have programs and are partnered with people who could give them advice on child support or we want dads to know, Holmes said. “They have arrearages and surcharges and their license taken away -- we are helping dads get that also.

Another father got involved for the same reason Carl did but he is also taking advantage of the help they offer.

“I needed it. I really did because everybody thinks they're a good dad, Ptolemy Sexton, one of the fathers at the event said. “You can always be a better dad. I've got give kids so most of the time I spend a lot of time with them. I can use this group. For one child support is a big deal for guys. Child support and like I said I am trying to get my license back”

Alfonso Holmes said he hopes men and fathers in the area will find out more about the programs in the community that are geared toward men and take advantage of what is offered.

While the program is called 24/7 dads and is geared toward men, families are always welcome at the events.


The North Texas Area United Way’s Fatherhood Program is designed to follow a consistent curriculum format for a period of 12 weeks. The goal is to create more involved, responsible, and committed fathers. The program provides:

  • Peer support
  • Empowers fathers to improve their lives
  • Celebrate father’s accomplishments
  • Provides activities for the whole family (dad, mom, and child)
  • Allows fathers to shape the program (e.g. fathers help plan and evaluate the program and continually survey fathers on needs and wants)

For more information about the North Texas Area United Way’s Fatherhood Program click here.

Learn more about 24/7 Dad® A.M. here



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