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The Father Factor in the Aurora Shooting

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Jul 24, 2012
In four of the most recent high-profile mass shootings (the D.C. Sniper, Chardon High School, the Tucson shooting, and the... Read More

Topics: aurora shooting, crime, father factor

Chardon High Shooting: Symptoms of the Father Factor

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Feb 29, 2012
Image by Aaron Josefczyk, Reuters. Read More

Topics: crime, father factor, d.c. sniper, Chardon High shooting, T.J. Lane, Norway massacre, Tucson shooting, Chardon High School

The tragedy of the Virginia Tech shooting: five children left fatherless

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Dec 9, 2011
Heartache and unanswered questions abound after yesterday's on-campus shootings at Virginia Tech. A close friend of mine was... Read More

Topics: crime, Virginia Tech

Flash Mobs and Absent Dads

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Aug 19, 2011
Many of you have probably heard about the recent spate of crimes that were driven by "flash mobs" organized via social media and... Read More

Topics: crime, flash mobs

The Father Factor in the Tucson Shooting

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Jan 12, 2011
"The family was contemptuous. It wasn't the son. It was the father."Those are the words of a female neighbor of alleged Tucson... Read More

Topics: crime, father factor, d.c. sniper, Tucson shooting, Jared Loughner

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