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Chardon High Shooting: Symptoms of the Father Factor

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Feb 29, 2012
Image by Aaron Josefczyk, Reuters. Read More

Topics: crime, father factor, d.c. sniper, Chardon High shooting, T.J. Lane, Norway massacre, Tucson shooting, Chardon High School

The Father Factor in the Tucson Shooting

Posted by Vincent DiCaro   |   Jan 12, 2011
"The family was contemptuous. It wasn't the son. It was the father."Those are the words of a female neighbor of alleged Tucson... Read More

Topics: crime, father factor, d.c. sniper, Tucson shooting, Jared Loughner

The DC Sniper Story Revisited: Before the "Aftermath"

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Aug 1, 2010
A few days ago, William Shatner, as part of his new A&E show called Aftermath, interviewed DC sniper, Lee Malvo. I have spoken... Read More

Topics: NFI, incarceration, d.c. sniper, father figure, biological parents

Can you hear his soul?

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Feb 16, 2010
Recently, my wife, who is a family practice doctor, shared an interesting story with me. She was doing examinations on a... Read More

Topics: d.c. sniper

Crime of fatherlessness...

Posted by Fatherhood Admin   |   Nov 11, 2009
In light of the execution of D.C. sniper John Muhammad last night, I thought that you would find of interest a piece that I wrote... Read More

Topics: research, d.c. sniper

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