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Vital Topics for Virtual Meetings: 2 Resources for Discussing Fatherhood Topics with Dads and Moms

Posted by Melissa Byers

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May 27, 2020


Everything has changed about how practitioners work with fathers and families. In some ways, it has been a good experience to learn other ways to interact with clients beyond in-person meetings. While nothing can replace face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings have their merits, especially since many families are under stay at home orders. There aren’t transportation issues or scheduling conflicts with getting to meetings at a physical location. In fact, some folks aren’t working or are on reduced schedules and have a little more time to focus on parenting skills.

That said, you might be wondering what you should be talking with fathers about during virtual meetings. Perhaps you were using a group-based fatherhood program prior to the COVID pandemic, but aren’t able to continue with that program until things return to “normal”. You may also have check-in points that are required by your organization or funder, but you’re not really sure what else to discuss beyond the required topics.

To help you with this challenge, NFI offers two inexpensive resources that can “amp up” your conversations with dads and moms around father involvement. They’re called “Vital Topics Guides for Staff”, and there’s one for discussing topics with dads and one for discussing topics with moms.

The Vital Topics Guides for Staff concept came as a result of family practitioners asking, “When I meet with a dad, what should I discuss with him? If I have a limited amount of time, what’s the most important fatherhood topics to cover?" Likewise, we’ve been asked, “How should we talk with moms about father involvement? What do they need to know?” These questions and more are answered with our Vital Topics Guides for Staff.

But these aren’t just narratives for your staff to read. They're discussion guides that provide information and discussion questions to share the concepts with moms or dads—of any race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background— to help them explore fatherhood (for dads) and their relationships with dads (for moms), and encourage father involvement.

Both of the guides use the same, simple format:

  • Each topic is covered in two to three pages. You will find background information on the topic, which includes several important factors to keep in mind when working with dads or moms on the topic.
  • The background information is followed by key learning objectives that you should build into the type of learning format that you decide to use.
  • The topic ends with key questions that dads or moms should ask themselves on the topic. These key questions are tied to the learning objectives.

How they can be used:

  • Customize a discussion using the Vital Topics Guide in any way you want!
  • Use the guides to design lectures, workshops, seminars, events, and other activities for fathers.
  • Cover one or more topics at any depth you like, in any format you like, and within your time constraints.
  • Use the guides to experiment with the topics, format, and discussion length that works best for you/your organization.

17 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Dads is a downloadable resource that you can have in your hands as soon as you purchase it. Share it with as many staff in your organization as you like. 
Just $49.99. Learn more and purchase here.

Topics Covered:

  • Topic 1: Family of Origin
  • Topic 2: Masculinity and Fatherhood
  • Topic 3: Fathering Skills
  • Topic 4: Child Development
  • Topic 5: Raising Boys, Raising Girls
  • Topic 6: Discipline
  • Topic 7: Gender Communication
  • Topic 8: Building Healthy Marriages and Relationships
  • Topic 9: Dealing with Emotions
  • Topic 10: Grief and Loss
  • Topic 11: Men’s Health
  • Topic 12: Sexuality
  • Topic 13: Intimacy
  • Topic 14: Power of Spirituality
  • Topic 15: Power of a Fathers’ Support Group and Network
  • Topic 16: Balancing Work and Family
  • Topic 17: Financial Responsibility

14 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Moms is also downloadable resource you can have in your hands as soon as you purchase it. Share it with as many staff in your organization as you like.
Just $49.99. Learn more and purchase here.

Topics Covered:

  • Topic 1: Co-Parenting
  • Topic 2: Gender Communication
  • Topic 3: Dad's Importance to Child
  • Well-Being
  • Topic 4: Restrictive Maternal Gatekeeping
  • Topic 5: For Your Children's Sake
  • Topic 6: Trusting Dad
  • Topic 7: Mutual Respect
  • Topic 8: Conflict Resolution
  • Topic 9: Power and Control
  • Topic 10: Angry with Dad
  • Topic 11: When Dad is Absent
  • Topic 12: Family of Origin
  • Topic 13: Discipline of Children
  • Topic 14: Listening

Visit fathersource.org to learn more and purchase.

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