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Free Webinar > An Introduction to NFI's Home Visitation Resource Bundle

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Oct 18, 2016

Do you struggle with engaging dads in home visits? 

Do you lack father-specific resources to incorporate into your existing program, model, or curriculum? 

Do you have difficulty knowing what to discuss with dads and moms around father involvement? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this webinar is for you!


You know it’s important to engage fathers in home visits, but how?

Join NFI President Christopher Brown for a brief, 30-minute free webinar to learn more about NFI's new and improved Home Visitation Bundle of resources which will help you effectively engage dads in home visits.

You can add this bundle to whatever program you currently use. It's a great way to affordably and effectively engage dads while home visiting, even if that simply means leaving behind helpful resources specifically for dad.

Title > The Resource to Engage Dads in Home Visits: An Introduction to NFI's Home Visitation Resource Bundle

Date > Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Time > 2:00PM-2:30PM EST

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use the resources to plan for your meetings with dads when he's present and provide leave-behind items for dads (i.e. when dad isn't present).
  • How the contents of the Home Visitation Bundle can guide your discussions with dads on the most vital fatherhood topics, and with moms on how to work with dads to raise their children as co-parents.
  • How you can integrate these resources into your home visiting program, model, or curriculum.

Click here to register today for this free webinar. 

Are you a dad looking for a fatherhood program in your area? Please visit our Fatherhood Program Locator™ and enter your city and state on the map to find programs and resources in your community.

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