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7 Facts from Father Facts 7 [Free Resources]

Posted by Ryan Sanders

Father Facts 7 (FF7) has been and continues to be the go-to resource for anyone interested in promoting responsible fatherhood. Please review these vital statistics on father absence and consider sharing them. 

Sharing these eye-opening statistics can help others see the importance of an involved dad in the life of his children and family. Vist here for more shareable stats. 

There is a Father Factor in America's Worst Social Problems...

Just the Facts > The State-Level Data on Father Absence...

Do you know the rate of father absence in your state? State data on father absence is one of the new sections in National Fatherhood Initiative’s Father Facts 7

Just the Facts > Single-Father Households...

Just the Facts > Stay-at-Home Dads...

Just the Facts > Father Factor in Teen Pregnancy and Sexual Activity...

Just the Facts > Father Factor in Incarceration...

Just the Facts > Father Factor in Poverty...

To get these stats and more, please visit our Father Facts 7 Shareable Stats Page

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