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Christopher A. Brown

Chris is President of National Fatherhood Initiative. He is married to Kayla, has two teenage daughters and lives in Texas.
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Powerful Jedi Mind Trick to Help Dads Deal with Tough Situations

Whether you work with dads one-on-one or in a group setting, you know that many of them face tough situations in trying to be more involved, responsible, and committed to their children. 

[Videos] Two Powerful Videos for your Work with Dads

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we love to share videos you can use in your work with dads, and to show staff, decision makers, and stakeholders (e.g. board members) about the importance of serving and intentionally and proactively engaging dads.

Today, we've got two new videos to share with you!

Awesome Fundraising Idea for Fatherhood Programs

Fundraising is one of the major pain points for fatherhood programs.

Critical New Portrait of Latino Dads [Report & Resources]

Before you read the rest of this post, grab a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

  • Do most Latino fathers speak English or Spanish?
  • Are most Latino fathers immigrants or U.S. born.?
  • Are most Latino fathers married or single?
  • What's the proportion of Latino fathers who live with their children compared to those who live apart from their children?
  • What's the proportion of Latino fathers who have children by one mother compared to children by multiple mothers?
  • What's the proportion of Latino fathers who are employed full or part time?
  • What's the average educational attainment of Latino fathers?
  • What's the proportion of Latino fathers who have low income? 

NFI Launches Free Online Learning Community!

I'm pleased to announce that National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) has launched the Father Engagement Learning Community™! This free online resource ( provides a platform for organizations and individuals that serve dads to learn from one another.

Why did we launch it?

How to Partner with Child Welfare Agencies [Podcast Series]

The key to developing a partnership with your local child welfare agency is to deliver a compelling value proposition on how your organization can help the agency do its job more effectively.

And what exactly is that job?

How to Effectively Serve Dads Involved in Child Welfare

Increasing the involvement of young fathers in the lives of their children is particularly challenging when fathers are involved in the child welfare system. 

What Jazz Can Teach Us about Serving Dads

Provocative competence.

4 Reasons to Promote Marriage to Dads

Dads' self-interest. 

[Video] Another Reason Why Dads are Vital to Child Well-Being

When you help a dad to be more involved, responsible, and committed to his child, you help build that child's resilience.

More Reason to Serve These Underserved Dads

Location, location, location.

Who's Tom Brady's Hero? [Video]


As we gear up for the Super Bowl on Sunday, here's a reminder about the importance of heroes to the players who'll don their armor in search of gridiron glory.

How Dads View Co-Parenting

One of the best ways to help dads become more involved in the lives of their children is to ensure that the co-parenting relationship between dad and mom is a good one.

Why a Father-Friendly Culture is Vital to Effectively Serving Dads

Creating a father-friendly culture is the most important factor in a successful fatherhood program.

Why Good Facilitators are Vital for Program Retention

A good facilitator is as important as the content of a fatherhood program.

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