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Christopher A. Brown

Chris is President of National Fatherhood Initiative. He is married to Kayla, has two teenage daughters and lives in Texas.
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What Jazz Can Teach Us about Serving Dads

Provocative competence.

4 Reasons to Promote Marriage to Dads

Dads' self-interest. 

[Video] Another Reason Why Dads are Vital to Child Well-Being

When you help a dad to be more involved, responsible, and committed to his child, you help build that child's resilience.

More Reason to Serve These Underserved Dads

Location, location, location.

Who's Tom Brady's Hero? [Video]


As we gear up for the Super Bowl on Sunday, here's a reminder about the importance of heroes to the players who'll don their armor in search of gridiron glory.

How Dads View Co-Parenting

One of the best ways to help dads become more involved in the lives of their children is to ensure that the co-parenting relationship between dad and mom is a good one.

Why a Father-Friendly Culture is Vital to Effectively Serving Dads

Creating a father-friendly culture is the most important factor in a successful fatherhood program.

Why Good Facilitators are Vital for Program Retention

A good facilitator is as important as the content of a fatherhood program.

What You Need to Know > New Rule to Increase Regular Child Support Payments

Many of the noncustodial dads served by organizations and programs like yours struggle to pay child support.

The ability of fathers to pay child support has been an issue in sore need of addressing at the federal and state levels for many years. After all, if a father can’t afford to pay the child support he owes, it has bad consequences for him, his child, and the mother or guardian of his child.

The Untapped Pot of Funds for Fatherhood Programs

If your fatherhood program relies solely or primarily on funds from foundations or government, it's crucial that you expand the focus to include donations from individuals.

One of the pitfalls I often see is the reliance of a fatherhood program on a single source of funds, typically a foundation or government grant. Even when a program has more than one source of funds, I rarely see one with more than two or three sources, and those sources almost never include donations from individuals.

Why is it important to expand the focus?

A Website Model for Your Fatherhood Work

Next to word-of-mouth and your program and organization partners, your website can be your best communication and recruitment channel for your fatherhood program. Your website can also be an important way to show funders your work with dads. (Funders often review websites to find organizations to fund and when reviewing proposals.) 

Unfortunately, many direct-service providers do a poor job designing their websites (or portions of their websites) to communicate in a clear and compelling way the importance of dads and how they serve dads. 

(Another) Powerful Video for Your Fatherhood Program

Last week in this blog I shared a powerful video for you to consider integrating into your fatherhood program. 

I have another such video to share this week. But, first, some background.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I spend a good deal of my time communicating with direct-service providers that use our fatherhood programs and resources. I learn a lot from these discussions that I share with readers of this blog and when conducting trainings and providing technical assistance.

Powerful Video for Your Fatherhood Program

As I talk with facilitators of National Fatherhood Initiative's (NFI's) fatherhood programs, I'm constantly amazed by facilitators' creativity. 

One of the creative things many facilitators do is to find resources that enhance the content of our programs or address an issue or topic not addressed in our programs but that are important for the dads they serve, or that help dads tap into their emotions or induce a positive mood into a group setting. 

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Social & Emotional Competence of Children

During the past four weeks, I have blogged about a collaboration between National Fatherhood Initiative® and the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) to create a brief that raises awareness among states and others that use the Strengthening Families™ approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Online, On-Demand Practitioner Certificates A Hit!

Since releasing the first of our online, on-demand practitioner certificates in May of 2015, 284 practitioners from 130 organizations have acquired them!

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