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National Fatherhood Initiative's Mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

There are a number of ways that you can become involved and help us to ensure a brighter future for America's youth.

Become A Monthly Donor

We're changing children's lives, one dad at a time.

By becoming a monthly donor, you will help educate the public about the importance of father involvement, support the latest research on fatherhood, equip fathers to become better dads, and more.

How will we use your donation?

  • To help us continue to educate society on resposible fatherhood through various communication mechanisms such as earned media, social media, blogging, free ebooks, and more.
  • To allow us to develop new fatherhood skill-building products to equip organizations across the nation with the resources they need to train dads.
  • To keep NFI as the leading provider of research on the affects of father absence, and the benefits of father involvement.
  • To help cover our general operations, office space, staff and more.

By supporting National Fatherhood Initiative’s mission, you are helping us work to reverse a range of social problems that affect our nation’s children. Lend a helping hand in our effort to give fatherhood a voice, giving their children a better future.

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Activate Your Community

Get Educated

Take advantage of our research and resources and educate yourself on an issue that is at the core of our nations’ well-being. Many of today’s social problems can be traced back to our failure in recognizing the effects of father absence and the importance of involved fatherhood. By becoming a knowledgeable advocate, you can help us to raise awareness, change trends for the better and improve community development.

Get Involved

NFI programs are available to anyone with an interest in improving the state of our society. Programs can be run through your community, your school, your church, or simply among friends. Every father and mother can improve their parenting skills and make a difference. You can support struggling parents by helping them to gain access to important skills and knowledge.

Double Duty Dad™

Become a mentor to a fatherless child. There are 24 million children in America living in father-absent homes. As an experienced dad, you can step into the life of just one of these children to make a huge difference. Just by looking in your own neighborhood or family, you can find a child in need of a father's guidance. You can be a Double Duty Dad™.

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