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10 Tips for New Facilitators of NFI Programs

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Apr 4, 2019


Everybody's new at something, sometime. But isn't it great when you're new at something and you have a few tips and hints for success in advance?

Sure it is!

That's why we put together the following 10 tips for new facilitators of NFI programs (e.g. 24/7 Dad®, InsideOut Dad®, Understanding Dad™) to get you and/or your new staff and volunteers headed in the right direction on the road to success.

Read them below and download a PDF copy here!

1. The most important thing is to verify that you have a complete program kit.
2. Determine whether you desire, or your organization or funder requires, formal training to deliver the program. While NFI does not require facilitator training, we encourage it. We offer training options online and in person.
  • View NFI’s program-specific webinar and in-person training schedule, or inquire directly for custom training at your location. Visit
  • Consider acquiring your Effective Facilitation Certificate: This training helps you learn effective tips and techniques to work with adult learners. It’s ideal for anyone running any NFI program! Visit
  • Consider acquiring your Father Engagement CertificateThis training helps you learn five core competencies you must develop to effectively engage dads in your program and other services for dads. It’s ideal for anyone serving dads. Visit
3. Review the supplemental contents on the Flash Drive or CD/DVD in your complete program kit. Review and use the marketing pieces to promote your program, the pre- and post-survey, and optional videos (if applicable). (Note: The videos don’t replace a facilitator’s delivery of the program, but rather, they enhance engagement by varying the delivery method for some of the program’s content.)

4. Educate yourself on the program. Read the entire Program Guide in the Facilitator’s Manual. It contains important information to help you understand the program’s background, philosophy, and structure.

5. Plan ahead for how you will recruit participants into and retain them in your program. Visit our Recruitment and Retention webpage for loads of ideas:

6. Discuss with your boss/director/purchasing department about ongoing purchases of program handbooks. Each participant should have their own handbook to use throughout the program. Use of the handbook is critical to program fidelity and the ability of participants to learn. You can purchase additional handbooks at (Note: You may not reproduce or copy any NFI curriculum component.)

7. Familiarize yourself with NFI’s Resources for delivering programs virtually now or in the future. Should your program want to deliver virtually, we have several resources to help you. The first is our "7 Steps to Delivering NFI Programs Virtually and Successfully" info sheet.  You can also visit our website for program delivery guidance here, and then read our 2 part blog on the subject here.

8.  Visit for more than 150 free resources to help you succeed in serving dads or moms.

9. Check out for other resources you can purchase for program participants that complement your program, such as brochures, tips cards, and posters.

10. Prepare for your first session! Print out handouts and download any other contents you will need from the CD-ROM or Flash Drive, especially if you will deliver the program in a jail or prison that might not let you bring such devices into the facility. Also, review the “Materials” listed at the beginning of each activity in your Facilitator’s Manual to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Don't forget to download the free info sheet here

Interested in our next webinar and in-person curricula training? Checkout our training calendar here.

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