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How to Help Dads Become a “Peaceful Parent”

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Apr 2, 2019



There’s not a more beautiful word when it comes to parenting unless, of course, you add “and quiet.” As a recent empty nester, I can attest to the beauty of a peaceful (and quiet) home.

Seriously, though, had I known about the research-based parenting advice of Dr. Laura Markham when my daughters were younger, I might have a few more hairs on my head.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Markham’s work, you’ve missed out on a great resource for dads. She’s a clinical psychologist, editor of, and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings. She recently joined the Knowledge Project of Farnam Street, a podcast that I listen to regularly, to share her peaceful parenting approach. (I’ve blogged before about Farnam Street, the weekly enewsletter, and its benefits.) I encourage you to listen to the podcast and share it with the dads you serve. It will undoubtedly increase dads’ knowledge of how to parent with love and compassion.

Here are some of the crucial questions she answers.

  • What do all children need from their dads?
  • What’s one of the most vital things dads can give their children?
  • What two things that dads do on a daily basis affect how their children see themselves?
  • How can dads help their children feel loved and valued for who they are?
  • How can dads raise resilient children?
  • What’s the role of emotions in helping dads to become a peaceful parent?
  • How does dads’ ability to self-regulate their emotions affect their parenting and their children?
  • How can dads become a leader in their home when it comes to parenting, and how does that benefit their children?

To access the podcast, click here.

Do you know what all children need from their dads?

Do you know how crucial it is for dads to self-regulate their emotions?


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