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11 Tips (and a Bevy of Resources) for Work with Co-Parenting Dads

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Oct 23, 2018


Whenever I’m asked to list the most important topics in work with dads, I always include “co-parenting.”

Many dads struggle to be good co-parents. They simply don’t understand how to work effectively with mom to raise their children, especially when the relationship between dad and mom is unhealthy.

That’s why I’m pleased to share an excellent guide from the Office of Adolescent Health at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Created primarily for service providers that work with adolescent dads, the 11 tips and bevy of co-parenting resources it includes apply to work with co-parenting dads of any age.

Entitled “Co-Parenting: Resources and Best Practices for Service Providers,” the guide describes the positive effects of good co-parenting and the negative effects of poor co-parenting. It divides 11 tips to increase positive co-parenting into the following categories:

  • Program Goals and Messaging
  • Program Materials
  • Create Safe Spaces and Boundaries
  • Foster Opportunities for Communication

 I encourage you to download the guide and apply its tips. Be sure to check out the seven co-parenting resources, too, as they provide additional guidance on work with co-parenting dads, especially young ones.

I also encourage you to check out the Co-Parenting Bundle. It contains National Fatherhood Initiative® brochures and tip cards for dads and moms on co-parenting. It also contains guides that increase staff members’ ability to address co-parenting during interactions with dads and moms.

How important is it to address co-parenting in the work you do with dads?

Did you know that NFI’s recently released third edition of InsideOut Dad® includes additional content on co-parenting?


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