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Two New Fatherhood Resource Bundles Join Our Popular Bundle Line-Up

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Oct 18, 2018


At National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI), we try our best to make things easy for those who want to better engage dads. One of the ways we do that is through our resource and curriculum bundles.

To date, we have over ten resource and curriculum bundles in our catalog. That number includes 2 brand new resource bundles that were long overdue. (Forgive the pun!)

The first bundle that has been requested time and again by organizations serving new and expectant parents, as well as those working in the maternal and infant child health area, is the New and Expectant Dads Bundle. It is also excellent for Healthy Start Programs!

One of NFI’s specialties is guidance and advice for new and expectant dads. That’s because dads and moms are most highly motivated for dad to be involved in the lives of their children during the prenatal and immediate postnatal periods. Reaching dads during this time increases the chance that they’ll stay involved for the long haul.


Topics in the New and Expectant Dads Bundle include:

  • Tips for dad’s involvement before the baby arrives
  • Questions dads can ask themselves to prepare for fatherhood
  • Ways dads can be involved after baby arrives
  • Ways dads can engage with baby to enhance child development
  • Tips for taking care of self, mom, and baby and more!

Specific resources in the New and Expectant Dads bundle:

  • 1 (5pk) New Dad’s Pocket Guide
  • 1 (5pk) Help Me Grow: The First Year
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: 12 Questions to Ask Before Your Baby Arrives
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: The Importance of An Involved Father
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: So You’re a New Father or About to Become One
  • 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 10 Tips for Expectant Fathers
  • 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 10 Tips for New Dads

You can learn more or purchase the New and Expectant Dads Bundle for $128 on our store website, shipping is already included!

The second bundle that has the potential to make serving dads easier for over 14,000 organizations is our new Head Start Bundle.

It’s true! Did you know that there are many Head Start programs in the U.S.? 

Head Starts can easily meet their father engagement requirements with our professionally designed and research-based tip cards, brochures, and guides to help strengthen the role of fathers in their families, schools, and communities. The best part is that research shows that fathers prefer parenting resources that speak specifically to them in their role as a dad and these resources most certainly “fit the bill”.


Topics in the Head Start Bundle include:

  • The importance of an involved father
  • How to better manage money
  • Discipline
  • Helping your child do well in school
  • Balancing work and family and more!

Specific resources in the Head Start bundle:

  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: How to Help Your Child In School
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: The Importance of an Involved Father
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: How To Better Manage Money (With Spending Plan Worksheet)
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: 10 Ways to Be a Better Dad
  • 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 12 Tips to Balance Work & Family
  • 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 12 Tips for Effectively Disciplining Your Child
  • 5 (5pks) Dad’s Pocket Guide
  • 5 (5pks) Help Me Grow: The Toddler & Pre-School Years

You can purchase The Head Start Bundle for $265 on our store website, shipping is already included!


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