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Announcing Call for Submissions > 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® Pledges

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Mar 2, 2016

According to Merriam Webster, a pledge is a serious promise or agreement; something that you leave with another person as a way to show that you will keep your promise. As fatherhood practitioners, isn't that what we hope for the dads we serve? That they pledge to being an involved father after learning they are irreplaceable in their children's lives?

Research shows that when individuals make a commitment - and make it publicly - they are more likely to remain committed. So here's where you come in: imagine dads across the country saying a pledge you wrote before their weekly 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® session or at their graduation ceremony.

Intrigued? Read on for how to submit a pledge to be used by organizations across the nation running our 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® programs.


We're all for fathers making a public commitment to being the best dad they can be. And when they make that pledge publicly, they're more likely to keep to it. 

To that end, we'd like to partner with you and others to create standard, optional commitment pledges for our 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® programs.

Yes, we're looking for a unique pledge for each program. 

Here's our thought, who better than our 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® facilitators (and fathers who have taken either program) to help us create those pledges? Visit our Pledge Page to submit your pledge now.

IoD.pngImagine dads across the nation saying a pledge you wrote...

  • At the start of the program
  • Before each program session
  • At the conclusion of the program
  • Or at a graduation ceremony for completing the program

Facilitators could have fathers sign these powerful pledges to show their commitment to the programs, to fellow dads attending, and to their own families. 

NFI will provide PDFs of the final, selected pledges for organizations to download, print, and use. 

Submission Eligibility Requirements

  • You must currently facilitate 24/7 Dad® or InsideOut Dad® or work at an organization that runs both programs.
  • If you don't facilitate a group, you must currently or have been a participant in the program of your submission.
  • Submissions must be a maximum of five (5) short, simple statements.
  • Limit one entry pledge per curriculum, per facilitator, or program participant.
  • NFI reserves the right to edit/modify the winning pledge.
  • You have until midnight EST on March 31st, 2016, to enter your submission. 
  • You may submit pledges for both programs if you have facilitated or work for an organization that runs both programs. Keep in mind that each pledge must be unique to each program. You may not submit the same pledge simply modified for each program.

Winning submissions will be announced by April 19, 2016, here at The Father Factor Blog.

Please visit our Pledge Page to submit your pledge. 


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